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Aviation Videos

Aviation Videos submitted by our Chapter members.

Chapter members are welcome to submit videos of their projects, flights, aviation events they attend or other aviation videos they are associated with and have the right to share.

The best format for sharing is via a YouTube link.

The following is a video produced by

Chapter 1514 member, Mark Bolton.

Here is a video I produced that documents a Sikorsky S-64 being used to lift steel power poles and build a 115 kV transmission across the salt marsh between Liberty and Bryan Counties in coastal Georgia. The line is being built along I-95 between Midway and Richmond Hill. The helicopter is owned by Erickson Air-Crane in Oregon. I believe one of our Chapter members is qualified to fly the S-64, AT last meeting he mentioned there are only a very few rotary wing pilots in the world who can pilot this enormous machine. The Air Crane can lift up to 25,000 pounds, it is powered by two 4,500 hp turboshaft engines and consumed 10 gallons of fuel per hour. 

After the work was completed her, pilot Michael Lee left on a cross-country return trip to the west coast generally following I-10 across the Rockies.  The S96 has a cruise speed of 91 knots and a range of about 200 NM so there will be a lot of stops along the way.

In April, 2017, EAA Chapter 1514 hosted National’s Ford Tri-Motor.

WTOC carried a story, with video, about this event.

EAA's Savannah chapter hosting Ford Tri-Motor tour

Chapter President Keith Gay submitted this link to the video.